Callebaut L-60-40NV Cocoa Bittersweet Chocolate Couverture - 11 lb slab

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CALLEBAUT Belgium Chocolate

5 Kg / 11 lb
60% Cocoa with Natural Vanilla.
Code: L-60-40NV

Cooking/baking Belgian chocolate slab for professional chefs. This chocolate is excellent for baking, cooking, fillings, ganaches, mousses, or any decorations, but should not be used for dipping, moulding, or enrobing

Disclaimer: This chocolate slab comes in original Callebaut packing. However, due to the shipping, it might arrive cracked, even though we put extra care in the packing.

DISCLAIMER: We DO NOT offer cold packing for Callebaut couvertures because of the size of the bar. Please consider weather conditions when ordering. We cannot guarantee the product - all orders are at the customer's risk. We are not liable for melting.