Bergenfield Cocoa Powder -Vintage Lacewood - Natural 20/22 Cocoa

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This High-Fat Natural Cocoa Powder is an excellent ingredient for cake mixes, ice creams, and many other uses. Due to the high fat content and non-alkali process, this powder is the less soluble than the other Bergenfield varieties. However, this natural 100% cocoa has a rich and smooth flavor which will delight any chocolate lover.
Cocoa Butter ( Fat Content): 20-22%.
Ingredients: 100% Cacao 
Kosher Pareve 
Allergen free (gluten, dairy, nut). For documentation, click the gluten free certificate icon below.

Bergenfield cocoa is our own, exclusive line of Cafiesa cocoa. Bergenfield cocoas come from small farms in Ecuador, are processed in one plant, and are shipped directly to us. The Bergenfield brand was designed to be sold in smaller batches than Cafesia cocoa to better serve our diverse clientele.

Further wholesale discounts based on market prices are available for orders of 10 or more 25 kg bags. Email us for a quote.